Sunday, November 3, 2013

in the studio

I'm so not ready for #printoctober to be over! Printmaking will continue, although it is sort of nice that I don't feel like I have to do it. And yet, I'm still doing it...

This week began with monotypes. These are all 4" x 6" and this is just some of them.

Then I moved on to collagraphs...I'm still working on the blog post about how to do them. Next week, I'll have it completed. These are all trial proofs.

I reprinted the plate below in an edition of 8, changing the colorway slightly from the trial proof.

There will be more printmaking...

The Intimate Persuasions show closed tonight. It was a great show and I look forward to working with Brabant Lenting in the future. There is so much going on this month! Next weekend are the openings for two group shows I'm in: Artistic License on Friday at Studio 659 and SLAC 4th Anniversary Show on Saturday at Paul Henry's. The 16th will be the opening for the new works at Angel Hair and the 24th is the studio sale at Renditions Studio. So busy! And that is a very good problem to have.

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