Tuesday, March 26, 2013

#art365 at the dunes

Every spring the scouts go on a hike to the Indiana Dunes State Park. It's an amazing place, which I can honestly say now that I am not exhausted from the hike. Last year I took a photo that ended up being used as an underpainting reference for roots. This year, firmly involved in the #art365 project, I was looking for ideas to use for this series. Most  of the time, I just walk outside and then paint what I see, but sometimes there are reference pics. Below you can see some of the reference pics and finished pieces.

the grand marsh

the grand marsh, from the boardwalk

duneland forest, trail 10

the grand marsh and 11 other #art365 paintings can be seen, beginning tomorrow through the end of April at Candy CafĂ© in Dyer. A portion of all sales will benefit DAVe, Dyer Arts Visionaries ensemble, a group working to promote the arts in Dyer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I've reclaimed three canvases today. Three pieces from three different series, different points in my life, surprising all in the same color family. I didn't even gesso them. Say goodbye to close to the surface, wallow, and envelop.

last known photo
wallow was the weakest of the three. It was from the Anatomy of a Dream show. It was the piece that started the whole series, and the show, too. I was emotionally attached to it, but sometime around New Year's I was ready to let go. Then, I was too busy with the grantwork paintings. But now, now, I have finished those! And want to keep painting. And have lots of canvas and paint, but no more stretchers. So a reclamation happened. This one will be messy. 

and so it begins...
A lot of artists do this. Just in the last week, I've read three other artists reclaiming old canvases. Let this be a lesson: If you see a work of art you want, get it then. Don't wait. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

#art365: crete

My show at The Edge is coming to a close. I made another trip out on Friday for a late lunch with my husband. It's important to be supportive of the businesses and organizations which are supporting you. 

These first two images were from the delivery and installation days. The last is from Friday's lunch date.

2.6.13 morning, crete

2.7.13 the stand

3.3.13 corn fields, winter, crete

The last day to see America at The Edge is this Tuesday. I am deinstalling Wednesday morning.