Thursday, November 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's Thanksgiving here in the US today and I wondered what I might post for today's Throwback Thursday that could be somewhat festive, and I thought: gourds. Yep, gourds might actually tie in nicely and I have a bunch of gourds in still lifes from October 2011's 30 Day Sketch Challenge. And then I remembered acorn squash, and thought that was even better. I'll be having some acorn squash today, and probably a lot of you will, too.

acorn squash, watercolor pencil
There  are a couple of other acorn squash sketches in this series. This was before my #art365 series and the idea of sketching everyday for a whole month seemed pretty intimidating. Also, I'm not really a sketcher, so I went back to basics and set up fruit still lifes, which evolved into gourds and then squash. If you want to see the whole series, there's an album on facebook here. I did show some of these pieces in the Tryptophan Trance show at Hoosier Highlander. 

As a former retail employee, I hope you are not out shopping today, and as an artist (aka a very small business) I hope you will shop local / small businesses. Your purchases do make a very big impact there. Buy art! Buy my art! And if you want to buy art that isn't mine and can't find it, I know lots of other artists who would also appreciate your support. 

Finally, a small piece of holiday advice: gourds look like they will last forever, but they don't. Trust me on this.

So thank you interweb viewers, for checking in and having a look at whatever random things I post, and for the pluses and likes and shares and retweets. They are all very appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving.

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