Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I'm still working through finding older work to be a part of the Studio Sale at Renditions Studio's engaging the Arts Party this weekend. I have plenty of work. It's the organizing and pricing and schlepping that's really the hard part. And I'm procrastinating, which will make it even harder.

These are polaroid transfer prints, printed from slides. The slides are long lost at this point. These are from the first solo show I had after I graduated, they were all shot in Northern Orange County, California, 1993. I was still doing lots of photography back then, and it was right before somebody decided that everything - greeting cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts - needed to have polaroid transfers. There are 22 left, but I'm just going to post a few. I have some landscapes and some architectural shots, too.

Polaroid transfers are made by underdeveloping the old peel apart polaroid film, and applying the negative (the black paper you threw away) to a sheet of printmaking paper. The underdeveloping causes the color shifts. It's not an app. It's the real thing.

These are unmatted and unframed, on paper sized approximately 8" x 10" and will ship flat.

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