Sunday, May 26, 2013

in the studio

The big thing that happened in the studio this week, was the studio got cleaned. My husband commented, wow, we have hardwood floors?! uh, yeah, yeah we do. The cleaning was necessary because I had to find room to put the Alternate Realities paintings, and really this is where they need to go for now. And that sort of sucks because I was working on bad penny which is big and needs to be in that same spot to be painted.

pretty much as good as it's going to get
No #art365 landscapes this week, just more and more work on bad penny and this was only a dream.

this was only a dream, still a wip

I forgot to take pictures a couple of days, but when you look at the first two of bad penny, you see how little difference there is between the two days. There were two days of work, unphotographed, between the 2nd and 3rd pics. Here's why: with Alternate Realities pieces are back in the studio, it's a little chaotic now.

how I was working today

Sunday, May 19, 2013

in the studio

I feel like I don't have a lot to show for this week. I didn't do any of the #art365 landscapes. I still painted everyday, but I did get a little lazy about posting it a couple of days. Layers and layers of washes in the same spot of the same painting look kind of ...well, they don't look like much. They are much, but they don't look it.

There are two days worth of washes on this was only a dream, all of them focused on the upper left portion. It's close to where I feel like it should be but I've been really wanting to get back to painting larger. At 24" x 48" this is too small.

And so I reclaimed three old canvases and began bad penny.

before: awaiting, limb,and before the dream

after: day 1 the beginning of bad penny

day 2

day 3

day 4 text added

day 5

Sunday, May 12, 2013

in the studio

This week in the studio, time was mostly spent on the #art365 project. 5 new pieces

5.6.13 wicker park through the oaks

5.7.13 above

5.8.13 merge

5.9.13 pear II

5.11.13 lincoln highway

I also worked a bit more on this was only a dream for a couple of days. Here's where it is tonight. Still a bit wet in the upper left in this shot.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

in the studio

Just a quick follow up of what I've worked on in the previous week. The first half of the week, I was working on spirea. There are a crazy amount of layers in this piece. It's closer to done.

 The second half of the week, I painted a lot of #art365 landscapes. Two of the days got double paintings. You can see that spring has finally made it to northwest Indiana.

5.2.13 magnolia petals scattered, 5" x 7"

5.2.13 pear, 5" x 7"

5.3.13 violets and redbud buds, 5" x 7"

5.4.13 flowering oaks and maple I, 5" x 7"

5.4.13 flowering oaks and maple II, 5" x 7", SOLD

5.5.13 ridge road, 5" x 5"

If you want to see these as they come out, you can follow along on google+, twitter, facebook,  pinterest, or my website. Yes, a lot of links. Someday I will have an assistant to do these things for me.