Thursday, November 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday

My first Throwback Thursday post warned that I once made very obscure titles for my work. I do remember pulling random phrases out of a book of quotations. They were often long and unrelated to the work in any way. I found this very amusing at the time. 

I no longer title work in this manner, but I am still apt to do things that amuse me. Even if I'm the only one. So here's "o, my offence is rank, it smells of heaven."  Sounds vaguely Shakespearean. Google tells me this is a misquote of a line from Hamlet. (act III, scene 3: and the line is actually: o, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven.) I couldn't tell you now if that was an intentional misquote or not, but that small preposition sure changes the entire meaning of the line.

This is a pastel drawing over a (red) gum dichromate print, 17" x 23.5" and matted up to 36" x 28.5". circa 1992, Brooklyn. Gum prints are a type of contact photography print, which I always felt was more related to printmaking than photography. The negative for this print was a drawing on acetate, which I probably still have somewhere...

The Throwback Thursday posts are all about digging out older work, which are still available. These are not on my website, or anywhere else online. Contact me if you are interested.

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