Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I planned a collagraph post today for the end of #printoctober, and was all proud of myself for squeezing it in, right before the end of the month. And then I remembered it was Throwback Thursday. oops. Can't be derailing the brand new feature already. Collagraphs will be delayed.

I dug through a bunch of old prints, so that I had a #printoctober post for today. This is an untitled stone lithograph, state VIII, 1 / 1. I have all the other states, and a 1st state in black only. This is on white paper, and I also have it on grey. dated 5.8.91. This is from Pratt.

I remember doing the drawing for this, and I'm pretty sure this is the piece that had a reversal. The reversal required the use of gasoline. As I was scrubbing the stone with gas, and I was pretty well covered with it, I smell cigarettes. A grad student was smoking while she was printing. I had to explain to her that, even if I wasn't using gasoline, that smoking in the print studio where she was surrounded with flammable materials was really not a great idea. She told me she thought she smelled gas, before she lit up. She was an idiot.

Yay! for not getting blown up.

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