Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing: Throwback Thursday

I've got a bunch of things happening in November. There's the closing reception for Intimate Persuasions, the Small Works show featuring my #art365 landscapes and Brabant Lenting's daily doodles at Paul Henry's. Artistic License opening at Studio 659. South Lake Artists Co-op 4th Anniversary Show also at Paul Henry's, featuring Live Art-making at the opening. And the Engaging the Arts Party at the end of the month, which includes a friend's Studio Sale and I've been invited to show some work, and hopefully sell it. all. Sell. It. All.

More about all of these in the future...

So I will be digging through older work over the next month and decided I might as well post some of it. There's lots. And lots of it is great, but it's in a box under my bed. And in portfolios. And boxes. In the stairwell closet. And the basement. Okay, it's all over my house. And that's how the Throwback Thursday post was born. Every Thursday, there will be a new/old piece of artwork  which is still available. Some are framed, some are matted, lots are works on paper, which could easily fit into a mailing tube...

This is comfort.  pastel, approximately 20" x 15" image size, this piece is matted and framed to 29" x 24" (although there's no glass in it, thanks to a game of ball in the living room...) Can be unmatted/unframed. circa 1994, San Diego.

disclaimer: Most of these older works won't have titles, because they either never had them or I've forgotten them and I'm not going to make up new ones. Once upon a time I made a lot of very obscure titles for my work, and consequently, I remember none of them. Except this one. 


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