Sunday, October 27, 2013

in the studio

I started the week working on the monotype of the text idea I had. This really was experimentation and I liked the look of the result but I could never make an edition this way. I think I want this idea as an edition. I did learn some good things this day, like I really need to use a lighter weight paper to get a decent print. You can see more about monotypes here and here.

I ended the week working on this project in styrofoam, which I will be able to print as an edition, when I get a few more kinks worked out and find some transparent ink. You can learn about styrofoam relief printing here. It's done with foam meat trays. Yes, really.

2 colors yellow-grey

3 colors: yellow-red-grey
I like this last one the best, as far as color goes. It's interesting how different these two (above and below) are, when they are the same prints just printed in a different order. I will need to do some more playing around with it, before I settle on a final printing. I especially like the peeling paint/old graffiti look they have. There will be a separate post about this color piece once it's done.

3 colors: yellow-grey-red

Midweek was prairie inspired monotypes and lots of sketching.


ghost monotype

subtractive monotype

monotype with watercolor pencil

There were a lot more monotypes than this. You're getting just the highlights here, because there are too many to post. #printoctober is coming to an end, but I don't really feel done with it. I still have a multi-plate/multi-color collagraph prairie piece I'd like to do, and I need to sort out that color for the relief print. There will be more printmaking at least through the next 2 weeks...

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