Sunday, October 20, 2013

in the studio

I don't have a whole to show for this week in the studio, because I spent most of this week in the kitchen. As crazy canner lady. But there's been apple pie and cakes and applesauce and apple butter and apple juice (are you sensing a theme?) and persimmon juice which will make either a fantastic or terrible jelly. 

I spent a lot of this week just sketching out some ideas, most of which haven't actually been put into place.

Earlier this week, I did some relief printing from styrofoam meat trays. There is a blog post with in progress pics and details on how to do this here.

I finished out the week working again in monotypes, but a different version of what I had done previously. This involved rolling the plate, covering it with paper and then drawing on the paper. I'll have a blog post on how to do this next week.

I didn't quite have the paper centered, which was not a huge concern for me at the time. I'd just done a whole bunch of them very unsuccessfully and was trying a new paper to see if that would bring an improvement. 

Both of these prints are part of the same idea. And while I thought, after the foam print, that maybe linocut should be used for them, there is something good happening in the monotype. The downside, of course is that monotype can't be printed in editions. 

More work on theses ideas next week. 

And more canning.


  1. I'm really intrigued by the sketches...

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I'm still working through translating the prairie idea into printmaking. It becomes a little more about mark-making this way. I should have more to show on that next week.