Monday, June 30, 2014

Studio Independence Sale

aka: The free up more space to make more art post.

This morning I brought 10 canvases back into my house, which reminded me that I have entirely too much artwork here. So if there was something you had your eye on, let me know. I'm willing to negotiate on any work currently in my possession. 

the tip of the iceberg

This one came home today. Many people commented that it looked like it belonged in this space and suggested the City of Hammond purchase it and have it permanently installed. And, I would be totally okay with that happening. But maybe it would look even better in your house. Or, maybe you have a small house like I do, and don't really have room for a 7.5' painting. But you might have room for a smaller canvas, or drawing, or print...

photo by Wes Bushby

So help me clear through some art so I have more room to make more art. It's a vicious cycle, really. The Studio Independence Sale will run through the holiday weekend. Be safe and have a happy 4th!

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