Saturday, June 21, 2014

in the studio

This week, I finished for now this is where the river turns. I reworked some of it today, after having looked at it for a couple of days. It's being set aside for a while. A smaller piece was started. Still untitled, but I am leaning towards crashing through. Both these paintings are of the Boquet River in upstate New York. These photos are very deceiving. The lower piece is tiny in comparison.

this is where the river turns, 36" x 36"

untitled, 12" x 12"

Also this week, got word that my grant application was accepted by the Indiana Arts Commission! I will be spending a week this fall in a papermaking residency at Hook Pottery Paper, and the work will be framed and shown at Towle Theater next spring. I'm going to need a good hashtag for this work. #grantwork? #papergrant? If you have a good idea, let me know.

Friday, I managed to hit 3rd Friday at Zhou B, including Diana Leviton Gondek's studio and Chris Winquist's work at 4ArtInc. Saturday I was gallery sitting at Studio 659.

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