Saturday, September 1, 2012

the challenge: Day 1

I signed up for the 30 Artists, 30 Days, 30 Artist Trading Cards challenge earlier this month after it showed up in my newsfeed that one of my friends was doing it. It was the brainchild of Susan M. Henshaw's Art Challenge. I don't know Susan, and I wasn't invited to this event, but there weren't 30 artists signed up so I crashed the party joined. Last year I did a 30 day sketch challenge and it was fun. And I figured this was a small enough thing that I could manage it every day. Artist Trading Cards are the size of baseball cards and are original art. At the end of the challenge, we are going to get together and swap, which means 29 people will have a little bitty painting of mine and I will have little bitty pieces of artwork by 29 other regional artists. It will also be a cool way to get to know some other artists in the area.

Speaking of other artists, be sure to follow along with my super talented friend Kim Clanton! I'm totally looking forward to owning a little bitty Kim Clanton original!

I'll be posting daily here to the blog, so follow along. You can also follow along on pinterest.


  1. Dawn, So glad to have you aboard for the challenge! What is your medium?

    1. Happy to be a part of it! I use acrylic when painting, which is where I've started with this. I also do ink drawings, which may show up in this challenge, I'm not sure yet! You can see more of my work at or