Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Illiana Artists demo

Last night I gave a painting demonstration for Illiana Artists. I am still unconvinced that this went well because I felt like I was boring. That said, I would really enjoy watching another artist work and get some insight into how and why they work the way they do.

Among the tricky things I had to do: talk and paint. Usually, I am painting alone and do not have to carry on a conversation. This was not easy. It really was harder to concentrate on what I was doing, plus I was trying to speed up the whole process. Trying to explain my choices was also hard. So much of what I do is because it feels right.

Here is where I ended up at the end of the demo. It is still really all underpainting. At the moment I'm not really loving the blue sky area and I think this is probably more of a safety piece than an america painting. Time will tell when I get back to it. Many thanks to Illiana Artists for inviting me to do the demo and extra thanks to them for not sneaking out while my back was turned.

One of the very cool things about the evening was I had several friends come to the demo to be supportive.

Supportive friends rock.

And the ATC challenge: Day 11

The links .... I am still posting on pinterest. You can also follow Kim Clanton and Teri Partridge on their blogs. Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell and Leslie Lambert are both posting albums on facebook.

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