Saturday, September 22, 2012

winner announcement! (and ATC Day 22)

I just emailed the winner of the good karma giveaway. I can't announce who it is, because he/she didn't leave a name, just an email check your email, it could be you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway! I can't give away something if I have no one to give it to. Your support is greatly appreciated!

And back to our regularly scheduled ATC daily card. Only one more week and then I'll be back to posting other artwork, like the mixed media pieces I've been working on for the grant.

The ATC is an artist trading card and this project is a challenge issued by Susan Henshaw's Art Challenge. 30 Artists, 30 Days, 30 ATCs. The links .... I am still posting on pinterest. You can also follow Kim Clanton and Teri Partridge on their blogs. Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell, Susan Henshaw, and Leslie Lambert are both posting albums on facebook.

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