Wednesday, August 22, 2012

tied up

Well, I've seriously neglected the blog recently. There have been a lot of non-artsy things happening. On the other hand, I have been doing lots of thinking about how I'm really going to accomplish these mixed media pieces that I need to do for the grant show. Up until now, I've been thinking of them as drawings, but I think they will end up more as assemblages. Time will tell.

Here's a bit of what I got done today...

There are different knots at each of the crossing points. I learned I am not good a tying knots. This took So far: cotton, sisal, and jute twine, ink on mylar, cotton thread. The blue thread is filler for now; it will not be staying, at least not in its current wrapping. There will be more mylar, and, I think, perhaps some trace. I also have some neck ties which may work their way into this piece, tentatively called the ties that bind...

update: I am tweeting updates of this piece @DawnDraws hashtagged as #thetiesthatbind.

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