Sunday, September 30, 2012

ATC: Day 30

The end!

acrylic and watercolor pencil. This is the very last card of the challenge. I signed and dated and loaded them up with contact info today. Note to self: do this daily, it was annoying to have to look up each and every image to see when it was done. Somehow I am missing one card. It's completed, but Missing In Action somewhere in my house.

The ATC is an artist trading card and this project is a challenge issued by Susan Henshaw's Art Challenge. 30 Artists, 30 Days, 30 ATCs. The links .... I am still posting on pinterest. You can also follow Kim Clanton and Teri Partridge on their blogs. Lynette K. Waters-Whitesell, Susan Henshaw, and Leslie Lambert are posting albums on facebook.

Tomorrow: grant work! Stop back tomorrow afternoon for an update on the mixed media pieces I'm working on for the IAC grant project.


  1. Wow Dawn, very nice...impressive! I love your color choices...oh wait, I learned that is call a palette, even if it is created on a paper plate! Good art work my friend!