Sunday, September 29, 2013

in the studio

This week has been another long week. Began by starting a new piece! yay! This has to be done in the next couple of days because it's getting installed on pressure. Here's a bit of the evolution of the piece. buh-bye roots and growth, say hello to before.

how do I get back to where I was before?

Someone on twitter decided that #drawingaugust (which I missed doing but enjoyed checking out) and #paintseptember really ought to flow right into #printoctober. I signed up. I've been thinking maybe to get back to it. The chances of me doing this without some sort of challenge are pretty slim. I have no press. I can't find my brayer. Or my woodcut tools. (which I never liked anyway) And the idea of doing one print a day for a whole month is really unlikely unless I go the monotype route, so I trialed one of those. The top image below is the plate on the left and the print on the right. The lower image is the following day's work. I repainted the plate and pulled the print from the floor so I could apply more pressure on it. More coming about this next week.

Also this week, History Repeats came down from Intrigue Spa in Dyer and all the newer paintings went up at Angel Hair in Griffith. before will be heading there next week. Once I finish it. Before Wednesday.

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