Sunday, September 15, 2013

in the studio

What a week! I almost forgot to post this. I am still doing small paintings for #paintseptember on twitter. I am determined to see that through. Still really wanting to get back to drawing, and inadvertently inspired myself this weekend while doing a couple of quick pear studies on reclaimed paper. I think I need to revisit the domesticity mixed media work I was experimenting with before I did the large scale work. 

So out of order this week, the first two are from this weekend. These are watercolor pencil line drawings, edged in acrylic, on previously painted canvas paper. The second piece is on a scrap which reads the ties that bind are strangling me and I can't breathe. These are going somewhere but I'm not sure where right now.

Earlier in the week, I did #art365 landscapes. These are all 4" x 6" because I'm still deciding what I want to send for the twitter art exhibit.


studio view, morning

morning, eastward


haze and studio view, morning were both done early enough in the week to be included in the installation of Intimate Persuasions: Small Works by Dawn Diamantopoulos and Brabant Lenting. The show looks great and I look forward to working with Brabant again in the future. 92 of the #art365 landscape paintings were included. 92! Saturday's reception was great, and I sold 7 paintings, which is pretty amazing. My website has been updated for the #art365 pieces, and those still available at Paul Henry's Art Gallery are listed as such. You can see the whole collection here. Today, I was recognized and approached by 3 separate strangers who told me how much they liked my work. 

Feeling the love this weekend.

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