Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I just brought back some america series pieces from a gallery and I was thinking to post one of those this week. But then I did some digging and on this date last year, I finished this piece: consideration. It came together quickly. I reflected at the time that I should paint angry more often. Except that would require me to be angry more often and I wasn't too keen on that part. The text in the piece states:

I am tired of considering every single thing.

consideration, acrylic and ink, 40" x 90"

This painting is currently at Merge Building.


  1. A most wonderful piece Dawn! I came to you by way of Anjuli- I am so glad she has shared your talents with us! Peace ")

    1. yay! That's blog hop success in my book! I was very honored that she thought to include me. Thank you for stopping by.