Sunday, July 27, 2014

in the studio

In the studio, the blog, and the rest of my social media sort of took an unintended hiatus this month. I think perhaps I need to regroup. So let me catch you up.

future wishes is still hanging out over my mantel where it's getting a lot of thought. And I've identified some changes that need to be made. Look for a reappearance of this piece next week. 

future wishes, or the road less traveled

Some small #art365 pieces were worked on, with the idea that these may become larger pieces. Here are a few of them. The first two were based on some photos from my #adk trip. The second set of two were from the Indiana Dunes. And the last is the prairie. All are 4" x 6" gouache.

And a new piece begun, maybe titled another roadside attraction or something of the sort.

In other news... I was a juror for a show at Studio 659. I have work in Summer Sizzle which opened at Substation No 9 last week. There's a new Abstract show at Paul Henry's featuring Pearlie Taylor and Jason E. Jones, which I quite enjoyed. Work from Renditions Gallery just came home Friday, as sadly the owner is relocating. And last night was a closing for my friend Larry A Brechner at White Ripple. This coincided with the end of the I AMerican Show with a gallery talk by curator Sergio Gomez. Up next, I will be featured at Uptown Evolution in Whiting. And, finally, the #postcardswap is back! (Deadline to sign up is August 10th.) So things are still happening, I just haven't been very good about posting about them.

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