Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the postcards: part 1


back of Carol Graham's postcard

The postmark deadline is today. There were just over 2 dozen artists who joined, representing 14 states, and 3 countries. (Come on EU, you were underrepresented!) 

My goals for the postcard swap were:

1. Have fun.
2. Meet other artists. The swap was set up in a way that an artist was sending a postcard to one artist but receiving one from a different artist.
3. Promote those artists, and hopefully have them promote each other. I agreed from the onset to repost/share all the postcards which were posted online and to put together a couple of blog posts featuring all the artists' work. This is first one.

Carol Graham
page from an old book, gesso, ink, pencil

Jennifer Billig
letterpress light exposed plate for image transfer, 
standard metal type, embroidery, colored pencil

Leslie Lambert
ink and highlighter 

Patsy Priebe

Shad Hall
acrylic with glass beads on fabric

P. Anthony Benninghoff
pen and bleach on colored cardstock

Loralei Walker
mixed media with collage

Mary Schons

Michael Kaysen
collage, found materials

Links are included for the artists who provided them. So check out the rest of their work, and find them online: circle, follow, like, etc. 

There will be another  #postcardswap. I am looking at twice a year. Sign ups in December, make and post in January, and then continue every January and July. Suggestions to this? Is it doable? It is certainly not set in stone. In the meantime, I recommend you all check out #twitterartexhibit

Updated: Part 2 can be seen here. Part 3 can be seen here.

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