Sunday, July 14, 2013

in the studio

Most of this week was spent in bits and pieces working on and so it begins again. Finally, it is starting to come together. Today, I declared it almost done. Should be finished next week.

and so it begins again, acrylic and ink on canvas, 36" x 90"
I spent two days out of the house at my kid's scout camp and I'm still recovering from the sun burn. (ouch!) The #art365 landscapes are from the camp days and the drive there.

wildflowers, acrylic on paper, 5" x 7"

light and shadow, acrylic on paper, 5" x 7"

ditch (tiger lilies), acrylic on paper, 5" x 7"

Up next week: finishing and so it begins again, hopefully starting a new larger version of tired (with a strong back but an empty soul), and revamping my website. Not looking forward to the last bit, but it's needed. And postcard art! I've seen a few pieces for the #postcardswap and I'm really looking forward to more!

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