Sunday, November 2, 2014

in the studio

I was planning to post this later tonight, but then I realized my camera (battery) was dying, and figured I should take some photos before it's too late. I still didn't finish anything this week...but I'm closer than last week. There are three wips right now. The first is hoping to be plush. It is very different than last week, as threatened promised. The second has an ethereal quality which I'm hoping not ruin, and the last one (devil's slide) is a little mesmerizing in person. I decided to just embrace the patterning and not try to stop it. at all. 

Out of the studio, I saw Patti Tobin Davis' exhibit Rhythm Unfolding at South Shore Arts. Her work is up through the end of next week. I picked up work from the Salon Show and Oliver Brown exhibit and delivered work for the Small Works show at White Ripple and Artistic License at Studio 659. The Artistic License show is a juried exhibit, in its third year. I always describe it as all of the work and none of the glory of curating a show, since I end up doing the bulk of the behind the scenes work. On the plus side, we get to give out awards, which is always fun, and because I am not choosing the work selected into the show or for awards, I get to enter work in it, too. I finished installing today, and the show looks great! This year's juror is Ish Muhammad.

Up next week: Tuesday, there's an opening at Taltree Arboretum 11:30-1:30 (and it's free admission that day!) Friday, Artistic License opens at 6:59 pm and awards will be given out at 7:30. Saturday the Small Works Show opens at White Ripple at 7pm on the third floor. The Indigenous Landscapes Show is still up in the Mezzanine Gallery, so if you missed that exhibit during their Grand Opening last month, you've got a second chance to see that.

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