Sunday, November 23, 2014

in the studio: papermaking residency

This week in the studio, I was not in the studio. At least not my studio. I spent the week at Hook Pottery Paper in La Porte completing a residency with papermaker Andrea Peterson. I am not going to show off completed, dried paper in this post. It was an amazing experience and I am still digesting exactly what happened. I do believe this will change how I work, and how I paint and draw. It is going to take some experimentation to accomplish something similar in a different media.

My goal was pulp painting and the inclusion of text. At Andrea's suggestion the mark-making I used was entirely text based. I was not the best at remembering to stop and take photos while I was working, but I did manage to do a fair job of documenting this piece in particular. These photos are unedited.

the beginning

The red is a partial veil done twice,
once in the lower right and once along the left side.

The royal is a poured veil.

This layer is all text.

more text and a light blue wash
(washed top down through the center)

more text

post pressing but not dried
What's next? I still have to pick up the last day's work. From there I need to sort through it and I'll be asking some people locally for some feedback on what should be included in the exhibit in the spring at the Towle Theatre in Hammond.

I will be posting some of the work through social media. Please follow me on facebook, twitter, google+ and ello.

This residency has been paid for with a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.

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