Sunday, August 24, 2014

in the studio

This week: the #overthemantel painting is done. A whole lotta yellow went onto future wishes. The title has been shortened because the road was edited out. It was future wishes, or the road less traveled. The road in question was a private road on private property that ran along side the county road. future wishes refers to the field of dandelions. What kid has not made a wish and blown those seeds everywhere? This is likely the last of the Adirondack paintings.

future wishes, acrylic, 38" x 64"

Also happening: more work on the two impending storm canvases and some linoleum carving for the #postcardswap. And I've already seen two of the postcards! This is like Christmas for me. Even though I am not getting these postcards, it is still really cool to see them online.

This was after the first day of cutting which was pretty awful and reminded me that I that I have a strong dislike for linoleum. Many thanks to Johnny Disco for suggesting I iron the lino to make it easier to carve. I am about half way done carving now and will have printing to show for next week. 

Outside the studio, I went to Angel Hair for The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades opening featuring Lou Shields, Rick Therrio, and Sophia Rapata. This is the last week for my artwork to be featured at Uptown Evolution in Whiting and as part of South Shore Arts' Summer Sizzle. So if you are local to NWI, and haven't made it see those shows yet, time is running out. That also means I will have to find space for 15 pieces to come back into my already crowded studio, so if you find a piece you love, please give it a new home.

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