Tuesday, January 7, 2014


File this one under better late than never...In November, I went to a workshop at Hook Pottery Paper with a couple of friends. 

         IT. WAS. AWESOME.

If I could type that in a bigger font, I would.

I cannot even begin to say how inspiring it was. I left with so many ideas! I had never considered there were so many possibilities of making art solely from paper: watermarking, embedding, embossing, layering. Here are a few of my pieces and a quick clip of one of my friends making paper.

Before and after: writing with pulp on a wet sheet of paper and the same sheet after pressing and drying.

paper embedded with paper.

pulp writing on different layers

pulp writing, layered paper (small square not quite centered) stenciled pulp. This was just an alphabet stencil from an office supply store. I would need to make some stencils out of mylar to have this be really effective for my own work. I hope you can see the possibilities of this in relation to my more recent Post No Bills work and my previous ink drawings.

And my first attempt at pulp painting. There's a huge learning curve on this.

I cannot wait to go back!

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