Sunday, January 12, 2014

in the studio

I spent most of this week working on small sketches and planning out a large-ish piece. The snow is half melted but a good portion of the mornings this week the snow and sky were the same color, with just some small lines of grasses near the train tracks showing, and the tree line along the ridge breaking the space. I'm thinking a big #art365 landscape would be great over my fireplace mantel. I never really plan work to keep. And for all the artwork I make, I really have very little of it up in my house. I finish a piece, photograph it, and pack it away til it goes somewhere for a show or is sold. So the idea of making something for the house is a little weird. And I'm thinking about 36" x 60" which is way huge for the little landscapes to become. It will be awesome or awful, but I won't know until it happens.

Also this week, I wrapped up (finally) the asunder piece, which I've really been toying with and dragging out forever. Actually, I'm still wondering if the word asunder ought to be a bit more legible. But I am done for now. It's way past time to move on to something else. 

And I've been playing with a pastel drawing which I just keep drawing over and over and I know that part of the problem is I don't really feel like doing pastels and I want them to do things that pastels don't really do. But they were already out and set up and I was lazy. So I keep drawing and reworking and drawing and reworking... Here's a bit of that.

I joined a collaborative project for nwicreative which is still in the works. My part is done, and I should be able to show you the completed piece next week.

I got the first postcard jpg today! Can't wait to be able to share a couple of #postcardswap posts! And I have to do my postcard and also the #twitterartexhibit... 

This Saturday the SLAC Anniversary show closes and with it, the silent auction. I've got nine one of a kind prints and some of them don't have bids yet! Check them out here. This is a great opportunity to pick up some original art, below retail price and support a great organization. 50% of the sales of my work will be donated to the National Autism Association for Northwest Indiana.

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