Friday, January 25, 2013

the studio visit

Today Mary McClelland the gallery director from South Shore Arts came over to see what I had accomplished so far on the grant work for the Alternate Realities show in March. I had sent her this image of these things back in November for their quarterly magazine. 

I invited her over to check the paintings so far and to discuss having the paintings only in the show. The point of the grant was to unite my ink drawings and my paintings, and I think I have accomplished that in both the large scale paintings and the smaller mixed media work. But... I decided they shouldn't be hung in the same show. They sort of diverged into two different series, not just the difference in media but the difference in ideas. The mixed media focus more on domesticity and the paintings are more about the difference between expectations and realities. And while, they overlap, they really are two different shows. Thankfully, Mary was totally on board. I had a bunch of back up plans and didn't need any of them. 

She saw kindness and this is how it felt that day, both of which were set up in the living room, because my studio is too small for this project. I also showed her the most current, work in progress piece, tumult.  

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