Friday, March 2, 2012

I thought it was DNA

One of the reasons I thought a blog would be a good idea, was so I could document my work. I started in the last year, taking in-progress pics, just for myself. It was interesting to me how each painting evolved and took on a life of its own. I often ask other artists about their own process, yet, I'm always surprised when someone asks me about mine. So here are some catch up shots of the current painting.

 On Day 1 I thought it was DNA. I mean, that was the working title of this piece. I reclaimed this canvas from an older painting, so the morning was gessoing and more gessoing. I just started to block in some of the composition.

 Day 2, added in some darks and tightened up the composition. At this point I was a little bit lost.

Day 3, decided I needed some angles and began reworking the composition. It was no longer DNA. I was tempted to take it off the easel and start something else, but I decided to just keep working at it. I was wondering where I was going with this. It was starting to feel like it was trying to be an america painting instead of a safety painting.

I have learned to let things go where they need to go. It is a mistake to force something that happens organically.

And here we are, caught up to Day 4. I'm about 75% done. It's now understory.

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