Tuesday, March 20, 2012

best laid plans

All these works in progress photos I was going to regularly post...so, yeah. You know the saying about best laid plans...

Here's one! Wood dowels! They've been purchased! Still need to cut two of them down, sand them all and put them together. They will be the frame for some small ink drawings and possibly a few small paintings which I will sew and/or wire together to make the letter I for the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation at Flourish Studios. There may or may not be some trace or Mylar involved. It's still a little bit almost entirely in the idea stage. I bought the wood dowels. That was quite a commitment, really. I've got three weeks to get this together.

I have completed a little painting for the Home Sweet Home Earth Day show next month at HAC. I forgot to photograph it in progress. oops. It's little, just 10"x10", so it went fast. This is a real deal landscape, not one of my imaginary figurative pieces. And not plein aire, which I am still wanting to do and should do before it gets actually hot, but a landscape based on the road trip I took to Wisconsin last month. It was just warm enough that the snow was melted on the south side of the road, but still covering the ground to the north. On the way home, there was a great evening haze. There was a distinct crispness in the front fields and an entirely different color in the background. Sort of like a bad blue screen effect, only real. Tentatively titled wisconsin road trip.

And, this brings us to today. When I was out over the weekend the willow trees were a lovely spring green. Most of the trees were still in bud stage, but they've practically all unfurled tiny little leaves now. Even the oaks, which were holding onto a fair share of fall leaves a few days ago. And today it is spring, even though it's been in the 80s for the last week. This is another small one, also 10"x10". I'm not sure if it's done yet, I need to sleep on it. I think it might need some more tension. If it's not done, then this totally qualifies as a work in progress pic. This is another, sort-of-real landscape, based on all the running around I did this weekend. Tentatively titled new spring. I had some bad news yesterday and I could really use a fresh start, soon.

you know, best laid plans.

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