Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Sing to me sweetly, as I turn sour
Lay me down, remembering
That the wind and the rain played a part 
In that dreadful hour.

This week's throwback is inspired by a 5 day art challenge I did on facebook. The challenge was to post three artworks a day for five days, and challenge another artist to the same each day. You can follow some of the posts under #5dayart

lay me down, 2012, acrylic, 12" x

On day four, I posted some america series paintings from 2012, which from an artistic standpoint, feels like a million years ago. lay me down was created for a lyrics themed show at Hammond Art Center. The idea was to create a piece of art based on some lyrics, and at the opening all of the songs were performed by a couple of musicians.

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