Sunday, January 11, 2015

in the studio

The good news is I've had a pretty productive week. Making myself always work everyday is a good thing. I need to paint something bigger next week.

1.6.15 gouache, 4: x 6"

1.7.15 gouache, 4" x 6"

1.9.15 gouache, 4" x 6"

1.10.15 gouache, 4" x 6"

wip, acrylic, 11" x 14"
I've been fiddling with the wip for over a week and I think just today I figured out what was not working. Hope to have this finished next week.

Out of the studio, I stopped by White Ripple's 2nd Saturday event. No opening this month, but they still had the open studios and there was an open mic that seems to be gaining some traction. Next week, the SLAC Anniversary show closes at Paul Henry's on Saturday, and with it the live art silent auction. I don't have any work in the auction this year, but lots of artists very generously contributed. There is also a group collaborative piece (on which I did paint a bit). The auction is benefiting the Carmelite Home in East Chicago. That happens 1-5 on Saturday. 

If you are waiting for the postcardswap...I'm getting to it. You'll have your assigned artist in the next couple of days.