Sunday, May 4, 2014

in the studio

This week: I now have 5 paintings up at Hammond Public Library. bad penny is upstairs and it looks like it was made to hang on that wall. The wall paint color is perfect. I don't have a great picture of that. Just trust me on that, or go see it if you are local to NWI! My work will be up through the end of June.

Also this week was the season opening at Beverly Shore Depot Gallery, where I am featured artist for May. My work will be up all summer, but there's a bit extra this month. It's a lovely space in the train station.

The studio cleaning has continued and I now have room to paint again. Yay! I've started a piece called future sweetness. And while I haven't set up the time lapse camera, I have made a point to photograph each layer. And I turned that into a quick movie so you can watch it evolve. I should have it wrapped up next week.

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