Sunday, March 30, 2014

in the studio

This week in the studio: more canvas work. A  failed start, which has been put aside (for now. I will get back to that eventually.) New stretchers for new canvases with one done and one in progress. And three more to stretch. Another reclaimed canvas in progress. Some accidental happenings which had positive results. I've really been thinking about some conversations with other artistwhich happened earlier this month. (See their work: Cathal and Lecia) Two different people, unknown to each other, making nearly identical comments to me which I really needed pointed out. They seemed to know the course I was on, even though I didn't. I feel like this has been a big month of growth for me artistically. 

waiting on a change, acrylic, 16" x 16"

I also worked on some charity pieces, which will benefit a local breast cancer charity organization. Details about that can be found here. The second piece is the same place, as the above  painting. The hatching marks I used were meant to mimic the brushstrokes in painting.

untitled , watercolor pencil, 4" x 6"

untitled , watercolor pencil, 4" x 6"

Next week: more painting...

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