Saturday, June 8, 2013

get outdoors day!

No this isn't a plein aire post. I went today to see Melissa Washburn's IAC grant work show at the Dunes Learning Center. And while, I wasn't planning a blog post, I have been thinking I should start blogging about art events I go to, and other artists, and today I saw two and had a fun day. So here is the beginning of Other Artists Posts.

perch offset print by my kid

Melissa's show coincided with National Get Outdoors Day and there were all sorts of events planned. Melissa had a kids' art project featuring collaged birds. You can check out her website  here.

Melissa Washburn with some of the kids' bird collages.
Melissa Washburn orchard oriole, wip pic

Just outside was Bonnie Zimmer making art installations out of natural, recyclable, and found objects. I met Bonnie a few months ago at her show at IUN and quite liked her work, so when Melissa said she'd be there today, it was sort of a bonus. She had all sorts of materials available for the kids to use to create installations.

the beginning of my son's installation: tile, corks, rocks

his completed work, with Bonnie Zimmer

You can see more about Bonnie Zimmer's work in this clip from a previous show at SSC.

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