Monday, June 17, 2013

and now for some more good karma

Who doesn't need more good karma? I mean, seriously, if you feel like you could use some karmic interference, you need to earn it. You need to be grateful and thankful for good things in your life. I really believe appreciation is a key factor in this.

early summer prairie, acrylic on canvas, 4" x 4"

early summer prairie is the #art365 piece for 5.29.13. #art365 is my pledge/challenge to make art every day. I started January 1st and have made some art every day since then. Some days I do a lot and some days I do a little, but I haven't missed a day yet. I am posting #art365 on facebook, as well as  google+ twitter and pinterest. #art365 landscapes are also being posted to my website.

So here is the next good karma giveaway. This is for facebook because I already promised it for facebook. Sadly, there are too many hoops to jump through to have the giveaway on facebook. Happily, a large portion of the sales I've had this year have been through facebook! So, thanks, facebook likers! When I hit 200 likes, I will give away this painting to a random comment-er on this blog post.


1. You have to like my facebook page. You can do that here
2. You have to leave a comment on this blog post. Not on the link to wherever you may have seen it, but actually on this post.

That's it. The drawing will be one week after I hit 200. I will post an update edit when that happens, with a firm date for the deadline.

Deadline update: Today is 6.17.13 and I have just hit 200 likes, thanks to everyone who shared my page and invited friends. The deadline will be in one week: Monday 6.24.13 at 4pm Central time. Please be sure to comment on this post, not the link. Thanks!


  1. Shining bright like a Dawn Diamontopoulos! :)

  2. Really like this one. Nice work.

    1. Hmm. Didn't leay real name there. It's me, Todd Thomas.

  3. I still owe you money....jut sayin.

  4. That dash of purple in the middle sells this to me. Colour perfection!

  5. figured I'd tell you that you rock, just for luck!!!!

  6. Love your art! Appreciate finding you through Robin Pedrero! I am an interior designer currently exploring my passion for painting and have been taking some classes with Robin. I really connect with this piece and would love to add to my collection!

  7. I love it...colors are perfect.