Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I've reclaimed three canvases today. Three pieces from three different series, different points in my life, surprising all in the same color family. I didn't even gesso them. Say goodbye to close to the surface, wallow, and envelop.

last known photo
wallow was the weakest of the three. It was from the Anatomy of a Dream show. It was the piece that started the whole series, and the show, too. I was emotionally attached to it, but sometime around New Year's I was ready to let go. Then, I was too busy with the grantwork paintings. But now, now, I have finished those! And want to keep painting. And have lots of canvas and paint, but no more stretchers. So a reclamation happened. This one will be messy. 

and so it begins...
A lot of artists do this. Just in the last week, I've read three other artists reclaiming old canvases. Let this be a lesson: If you see a work of art you want, get it then. Don't wait. 

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