Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#art365 : February in Chicago part one

I live really close to Chicago, but since I don't work there anymore, I don't go very often. It's a suburbanite thing. I can get almost anything within 15 minutes of my house and I don't ever have to pay for parking. That being said, I do like Chicago and I do like going to Chicago. But, I don't like the paying for parking thing. 

This month saw not one, but two trips to Chicago. This first was to see my friend Megan from Pratt who was in town for her nearly annual Auto Show gig. These visits usually involve art and always involve coffee. I met her at her hotel and we walked over to the Art Institute. (Walking around is one of the things I like about Chicago.) We saw a couple of shows and then had coffee. And then wandered through the Modern Wing for a bit before she had to head to the airport. I drove back to LSD through Grant Park and home. It was snowy, but not snowing and it was late afternoon. And that view inspired the next few days' #art365 paintings.

2.10.13 winter afternoon grant park chicago

2.11.13 with lake michigan beyond the trees

2.12.13 lake michigan

Some of the #art365 series will be at Candy Café in Dyer for the month of April. You can check out the whole series on my website. Which ones do you think I should include in the show?


  1. I love the top one... those red trees/buildings/hills are so vibrant and such a stark contrast from the ground beneath them. Very eye catching.

  2. Thanks, Anjuli! Those are trees. The afternoon sun was hitting them and they just glowed.