Saturday, July 14, 2012

safety and america part 2

Was there a part 1? Yes, there was. Safety and America spent June at CAC in Cedar Lake and moved to HAC in July. So, CAC was part 1 and HAC is part 2. more pics in the links. 

Safety and America opened at HAC last night! There was a good turnout and I got a lot of positive feedback about my work. Yay! Now I can almost relax because the hard part is over. (until I have to deinstall) And Giovanni showed up with an almost completed movie! I was a little nervous about watching it for the very first time with an audience, but it worked out just fine. I did not sound stupid or come off like a bitch, which were my two biggest concerns. I did blink. a lot. I mean honestly I had no idea that I blinked that much.

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