Saturday, June 2, 2012

movie magic

So about a month ago, one of my friends posted on facebook:
I want to film you.....and you.....and you and you and you. Yes yes?
This wasn't directed at me, but I didn't let that stop me. I had already been thinking that I should make a clip about my artwork to introduce myself to some new people. And I was already thinking that Giovanni was the guy to do it. And here he was asking to do it. Well, you know, sort of asking. I shot him a message and he was interested.

So here I was all ready. Giovanni was over shooting for several hours and I lived to tell. And so did he. And neither of us cried. At. All. I was actually much less nervous than I thought I would be, considering I hate having my picture taken. It went well. The painting went well. The plan is to have this piece completed for next week's opening at CAC. No pressure! Actually I work well under a deadline. Still have more to do, but here is where I finished yesterday.

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