Saturday, June 9, 2012

the catch up catchall

ok lots of things have been happening...

The public art sculpture at BP was dedicated on Wednesday. Public Art? Sculpture? you ask. Yes, I've spent the last 2 months doing hard labor learning new skills! like how to make concrete. FYI: concrete is heavy. Most of May, I felt like a zombie, minus the desire to eat brains.

Just exhausted completely, and in an odd sort of way, it was just what I needed. I had planned to spend May working on paintings for the Safety and America show at CAC. I was shooting for one more painting after roots.

I had plenty of work but wanted extra. So I had a week basically to get that one painting done, the one that Giovanni was going to film for movie magic. flow. I got it done.

And then I got hope done.

and pacifica.

and peace. and two untitled landscapes. Below is one of the landscapes.

What I didn't get done, was lots of pics of these paintings. I'm missing peace and one of the landscapes. So there is still more catching up to do.

The show looks amazing! And it's a huge space and it's packed, really packed full of my artwork. 31 paintings will be there til the 24th and then it's on to HAC. CAC is open Mondays and Thursdays 9-4.

And later this month I'm teaching/leading a mural class for kids. Originally, I was told this would be 4'x8', which is sort of a stretch to be considered a mural. I went out to the site for a meeting yesterday and it's going to be 8'x20' on one wall and then wrap around the corner to partially cover a 12'x28' wall. Now that's a mural!

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