Sunday, October 26, 2014

in the studio

This week, I've worked on two paintings, but didn't finish either one. I spent the first half of the week on one and got nowhere with it. And set it aside for a day while I started the other. They are not even close to being done and haven't quite found the direction they are headed, but I'm going to post them anyway, because I don't want to not post today. It's my own personal deadline. They will most likely be unrecognizable between this state and the final paintings.

This first was originally a different part of the prairie and I am relocating it. It just was not working where it was. This happens sometimes. I get stuck and something else catches my eye, and I abandon the first idea for the next. There was a feathery grass of some sort that glowed soft and yellow and I thought plush. I haven't gotten it yet to say plush yet, though, and I'm not convinced that it doesn't need to be horizontal format, rather than a square.

The second is based on the Devil's Slide at the Dunes. I've gotten so involved in the patterning that I've neglected the rest of the piece. That's all just blocked in sand and sky, and is just underpainting. I haven't decided that the patterning is staying yet. I envisioned it looking more like this when completed, which is a bit more random.

Out of the studio this week: This was the final week for the Salon Show at South Shore Arts. I am this|close to booking another show for 2015. There was a quick meet and greet with the Calumet Heritage Partnership at White Ripple Gallery where I have work in the Indigenous Landscapes exhibit. Saturday was also the DAVe (Dyer Arts Visionaries) Pop Up Gallery at the Fashion Show. I had four america series paintings there. Angela Leimer took this photo of stretched out. I love the bright airiness of the painting shining out of the darkness.

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