Sunday, September 14, 2014

in the studio

This week, I've been working through softly below. It is still working and I am happy with where it is heading, although it is not where I thought it would be. I am impressed that the green is still there. It is a painting based on moss, so it should be green, but I didn't expect the green to stay, because it often doesn't. I should have it finished in the next day or two. 

softly below, wip, acrylic, 11" x 14"

I've also started a commission piece, which is a little outside of my usual range. I am generally reluctant to do these things, although I always surprise myself. I was asked last week, Is there nothing you can't do? And it was a compliment. But I don't really think of myself as that unstoppable. Maybe I should.

Out of the studio, I had a full week. I saw a printmaking/assemblage demo and artist talk through Illiana Artists by Corey Hagelberg. I really enjoy seeing other artists work. You can always learn something, even if the work is not in your style or media. And there was printmaking, so I really couldn't not be there. While there I was invited to be in a show next month, in a gallery where I haven't previously shown. This was a great way to end the evening/start the week. I have work in two shows which opened this week. I have five paintings in this year's Oliver Brown Show at CornerStone. This is an annual members exhibit for 119th Street Artists. My work was well received and two different people expressed interest in one of the paintings. Today was the opening of the Salon Show at South Shore Arts. This was my third time entering the exhibit, but the first I was accepted. It is the most prestigious show in this area. Several friends were also accepted into the show and it was nice to see some other friendly faces there. Rumor has it I almost won an award. But you know, almost and horseshoes or something like that. But... I was invited to be in another show for November in another gallery where I've never shown while I was there. So two openings and two invitations for shows. It was a good week.

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