Sunday, October 28, 2012

ATC meet up

Yesterday was the meet up and actual trading day for the ATC Challenge. September posts are almost entirely ATC cards. The challenge was for 30 artists to make 30 cards in 30 days. Then it was upped to 40 cards in 30 days. Not everyone went for the 40, but I did. I'm good with a deadline. It all worked out, though because we had 30 artists and the those of us with leftover cards made additional swaps.

Kim Clanton and I drove up together. The meet up was in The Box Factory in St. Joe, Michigan, which is apparently an old box factory that now houses galleries,a performance space, and a ton of artist studios. Most of them were closed, but it was still cool to walk around and peek in the windows. Quite a few of the artists involved had studios there.

After the set up, we drew numbers to pick the cards and we lined up and picked in order. There was no choosing your favorites, you just picked up the first one from each artist. Some of the artists were fairly consistent in their work, and others had all different media and styles. A lot of artists did not leave contact info other than a phone number or email address. This was really a little disappointing, I was hoping for lots of new online connections. If any of you have an online presence in some form leave it in the comments and I'll add in some more links!

A few of my favorites...
clockwise from upper left: Susan Henshaw, pastel;  Jan Sonneman, ink; Deborah Landry, encaustic

left to right: Pamela Jolley Riggenbach, mixed media; Sibella Talic, graphite; Kim Pruitt, mixed media.

Here's a few shots of the set up.


  1. Dawn, the album I posted has facebook links for most of the artists. Hope that helps!Susan

    1. Thanks, Susan! here's the link to the album:!/media/set/?set=a.473951125981483.104402.445522418824354&type=3

    2. Wish I could have made it! I spy my work in the top photo on the right. Hope everyone had a grand time! Can't wait to see what I get back!