Saturday, April 14, 2012

a crazy week

Not really the good kind of crazy.

There has been a lot of Running Around and taking care of Very Important Things. (Did you get my A.A. Milne reference? I'm feeling a little bit like Piglet this week.)

Saturday The Struggle opened. I don't have lots of photos from this, actually I only took one.

I have been working as an assistant to another artist for the last week or so. It's actually been lots of fun. More details on that another time. On the way home one day, I stopped by the Whiting exhibit at the Indiana Visitors Center and took a few shots. These are in the Studio 659 "building".

And I finished up the letter I and delivered it. Here it is in my studio. A better shot will be coming next week at the opening.

And saving the best for last...

My grant application was reviewed this week. I wasn't there to hear it in person, but I listened to the panel discussion recording and it went really well. I think I'm going to get it. The "1st reader" was very complimentary and the "2nd reader" said it was "one of the best applications I have seen in front of me today." I was the 25th application to be reviewed that day. They were not that positive about all of them.

fingers crossed for some good crazy!

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